Government of Canada is giving away billions of dollars every year for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) to boost Research and Innovation in Canada. Did you also know:

A) You can develop your product through a Third Party Developer like us and still be eligible to claim SR & ED tax credit?

B) The Research location can be anywhere in Canada; your place, our place or at a third party location?

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Volunteers_65x86pixYour opportunity to contribute to the Engineering Profession and in US/Canadian Society through Co-op Program, Internship, Job Shadowing, Mentorship, New Immigrant Engineer and Foreign Professional Integration and  many other opportunities. Invaluable experience you get from these programs can launch your career in high gear. Contact us for more details.



Patent infringement law- suits can  cost your company more than the development life cycle cost of your product. 

A) Are you overlooking a patentable feature of your design?

B) Can your design make exhaustive number of claims?

C) But worst; is your design overlooking infringement of another technology or design?


For all work we do on your projects, we design it for patentability and maximise your SR & ED claims. All patent rights for all work we do on your projects are assigned to YOU.

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Welcome to MechatroSoft Career Section. We are always looking for experienced and qualified team players to work with us. We typically accept people in three different categories. 

  1. We hire Employees (both full-time and part-time);
  2. We hire Associates
  3. We recruit Volunteers

If you are looking for any of the above opportunities, please submit your resume in the resume submission box on the right. After you have filled in your name and e-mail address, please type in your cover letter or cut and paste it, in the box provided. Once complete please upload your resume.

It is important to note that we hire or recruit based only on high levels of knowledge, skills and competence in the subject matter area for which you are being considered. So, do not hesitate to submit your resume based on any other factor. Even if you are a recent immigrant, you have an accent, or you do not have Canadian experience; these factors will not hinder your prospect at all. The fact that you are fluent in english and were born and brought up in Canada will not increase your chances either. The only thing we consider in our hiring process is that you prove your high level of expertise and competence in your subject matter area.

We also recruit a good number of volunteers  who have the energy, enthusiasm, inclination to learn fast, and otherwise a fit for the company but lacks the required expertise and competence useful to the company. In most cases these volunteer positions are for Co-op students, Internships, Job Shadowing by New Immigrants and Transitional Employees, Mentorship for prospective EIT/P.Eng. applicants and so on.

These volunteer positions are only for a short and limited period of time to evaluate the candidates’ quick learning ability and fitness within the organisation. High performing volunteers may be considered for an employee position.

Please also note, that because of the very high number of resumes we receive, it is impossible to acknowledge each submission individually. Please do not call us after resume submission. We will contact you as soon as we have determined that your background matches our needs.

However, if you find any difficulty during the submission on this web page, please write to our Customer Service by filling in the Contact us form. In such cases, you can also send your resume directly to Human Resources at hr@mechatrosoft.com.

We appreciate your taking the time to submit your resume and letting us know more about you



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No matter what kind of product you develop and where you intend to sell them, you have to go through some kind of regulatory process before you can market your products. 

At least one or  more  of the marks below may be mandatory for your products.

This is a very small list. Depending up on what product you are developing, there are many more.


























Develop your products with our knowledge and experience of compliance at the outset to reduce the repeated rejection-and-modification cycle with the regulatory agencies.

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